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Analysis and comparison of 20 of the most used programming languages in 2020
What are the most modern, or at least adopted, programming languages in 2020? And how do they compare on the most acclaimed features programmers usually look for in a programming language nowaday?
Cedilla, The Fastest Smallest Java Template Engine
A template engine can be seen as a sort of printf, of primordial origin from the C standard library, on steroid. However too often 'on steroids' means either that there is a lot of things to learn before becoming proficient in the use of a new framework, or that dependencies hell increases, or even, as often happens, both of the two occurs. Cedilla is a new java template engine with a really unusual twist that avoids both problems in a very surprising way.
How to Build an Android App Widget With Web Technologies Like HTML/CSS/JS Without Cordova or PhoneGap or Any Other External Framework At All
While there are many ways to build Android apps using web technologies, the same is not true for building Android App Widget in HTML/CSS/JS, which could instead be very desiderable in many circumstances. In this article we aim exaclty at that and, affording step by step all the tips, tricks & nuances that are needed to succesfully accomplish the task, we'll discover in the end that the goal is sincerely quite very achievable after all, and without the need for any external framework at all.
5 Ultra Lightweight Http Server Implementations in Java for Blazing Fast Microservices, APIs or Even Websites
While Java is usually associated with extensive back-end infrastructures and complex server-side containers that require significant computing resources and well-designed setups, it's also very possible to create even in Java those lightweight and agile server implementations that many believe are exclusive of other realms, like Node.js and the like
The Perl Programming Language!
Many call it inelegant and ugly. Almost all agree however that it's also the «duct tape that holds the Internet together». Call it as you prefer but Perl is surely part of a story that, as the TIOBE index confirms, there is no chance at all that it's close to the ending
The Swift Programming Language
Swift is the new language from Apple and surely the youngest programming language in the TIOBE index. Let's see what benefits it really brings to developers and why, to start with, Apple needed it
The Go Programming Language
What happens when one of the biggest tech company of the world needs to get faster at developing its backend stuff without compromising on easiness, power and execution speed? You can bet: it invents a new way of doing OOP and the perfect language to implement it
The Ceylon Programming Language
A few years ago, all of a sudden, Java started to feel cumbersome and verbose to many programmers. Maybe it was the Node.js effect, maybe it was for the slowness of Java evolution, but the urge to have a Java's more lightweight successor without loosing the advantages of the JVM and the Java ecosystem emerged and one of the results of it is the birth of the Ceylon programming language
The Kotlin Programming Language
Kotlin is a programing language created by JetBrains, the company who develops one of the best IDEs of the world. With Google adopting the language as a new official language for Android development, and many others jumping on the Kotlin train, let's see together why we have here a language well worth the attention of any serious developer
The Dart Programming Language
Google tries it again with Dart giving to the language a second chance and placing it as a competitive way to develop Android and iOS native mobile applications